The sector of sustainability has grown significantly in recent years. Managing a business responsibly, through good governance, allows companies to make gains in terms of their performance and relationship with society. We help integrate sustainability into companies' business models, with all kinds of services to initiate, manage and communicate sustainability issues.

Our approach

Sustainability creates many interesting opportunities for companies. It can improve corporate resilience, create economic value, contribute to a healthy ecosystem and strengthen the community. As more companies integrate sustainability into their business, organisations will need to look at how they run their business and how they impact society and the environment, ensuring their competitiveness. they will need to implement higher governance practices and gain a full understanding of their social and environmental impact in order to remain competitive.

A sound sustainability approach requires a clear strategy, good governance and quality corporate reporting that addresses the full range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. This approach will result in clear benefits: greater trust, competitive advantage, greater employee involvement, greater efficiency in the use of resources, loyalty and support from stakeholders.

Depending on the position of your business on the sustainability journey, Mazars will put together a team of experts focussed on your specific needs in order to offer solutions in line with your objectives. Whether it's recognising your supply chain, carbon footprint, climate change risk assessments or promoting diversity, we have the knowledge and experience to provide solutions that will support businesses in the long term. We believe that our personalised approach will ensure that companies always have the right experts for the right project.

At Mazars, we offer a wide range of sustainability services to meet your needs, in a 360º approach including: